Toshiba Laptop Repair

TOSHIBA Laptop service center  – TOSHIBA is one of the best known Laptop manufacturing companies in the world. TOSHIBA is well known for their name and the quality products manufactured by them which will suit as best for the users. For its Laptop users it gives list of TOSHIBA Laptop service center in , where users can repair and get best service from TOSHIBA laptop service. Most of the people check nearest TOSHIBA Laptop service center in  before buys TOSHIBA Laptops or service the Toshiba Laptop. TOSHIBA has all kind of Notebook such as basic models, Intel, windows and other featured Laptop which is rated according to the budget preferred by the users. If people have any doubt in buying Laptop or requesting for any repair you can approach the TOSHIBA Laptop service centers In .



Toshiba laptop repair services including data recovery, virus removal, hardware upgrades, motherboard repair & replacement, keyboard replacement, Hard Drive replacement, CD and DVD Drive replacement, memory & graphics replacement and upgrades, DC power jack replacement, LCD screen repair.


LCD Screen

In case of any crack or damage to the Toshiba LCD screen, it is advised to replace it with a high quality new one from any of our service centres. Our fair pricing and unmatched service quality makes us the best in the business.


Mother Board Repair/Replacement

Whether your Toshiba mother board requires complex chip level repairing or component level repairing, our team of highly trained & experienced engineers will do it all for you. We are amongst the few ones to provide a complete mother board level repairing solution for your Toshiba laptop.

All type of Toshiba laptop motherboard is available at best price at Laptopstore.If the motherboard is completely damaged and there is no hope of repairing, you can go forNew Toshiba Motherboard with 6 months warranty*. We don't have online parts selection options because most of the customer does mistake of selecting exact or compatible spare for his laptop. Don't worry! you don’t need to come to our office; you can place your order from any corner of Chennai and bangalore . just following the very simple3 ‘A’ Steps. So this would be a very safe and documented process of purchasing laptop spare parts.Toshiba Motherboard list


Keyboard Replacement

We carry out the complete keyboard repair/replacement at our service centres for your Toshiba laptop with utmost care. Our high quality components will give you an original like experience.If there is a laptop keypad issue, few keys are not working or after pressing the key it sticks and laptop stops responding, keys are broken or keys are lost or not fitting with the pad hole. Yes, you may need to replace the keypad. You will get all branded & all model of keypads in original and compatible format.


Hard Disk Repair/Replacement

Our experts will take care of all the problems related to your Toshiba hard disk. Whether it is a booting problem or operational problem, our engineers will take care of it.


Memory and Graphics Card Replacement

Your Toshiba laptop can have memory failure or you may just need to increase your Toshiba laptop memory, no need to worry, simply bring it to us & our service executives will be delighted to solve your problems


Optical Drive Replacement

Your optical drive cannot read CD-R/RW media or any disc at all, our experts will eradicate the problems for your Toshiba Laptop. We carry out the optical drive repair/replacement with utmost care for all Toshiba Laptop


Power Jack Replacement/Repair

You are not able to start your Toshiba laptop? Your Toshiba laptop is shutting down? Your Toshiba laptop is restarting again and again? It can happen due to a broken power jack. Our experts will identify the problem and rectify the same at very affordable prices.


Inverter Repair/Replacement

We repair/ replace the Toshiba laptop inverter as per the specific requirement depending upon case to case basis. Our fair pricing and fair evaluation makes us the best in the business.


Hinge Replacement

Our service engineers will carefully remove your broken hinge and replace it with a very high quality one for your Toshiba Laptop.


Toshiba Laptop Service

We have team of professionally qualified engineers who are well trained to repair any make of Toshiba laptop with any problem reported by customer. Our service center is will equipped with modern machinery and BGA rework stations, required for quality repairs of laptops in Chennai . We offer 100% BGA repair solutions to our customers. For any type of laptop problems and needs please feel free to contact us.

Toshiba Laptop repair is one of the most difficult and complicated tasks for everyone. If you have any issue related to your Toshiba laptop, you can contact the expert team at Laptop store as we are the leading name in this field.

You can contact Laptop Store techies for


· Toshiba Laptop Support

· Toshiba Branded Laptop Repair

· Toshiba desktop Laptop Repair Assistance

· Toshiba laptop Instant Support Services

· Toshiba Laptop Hardware Repair Services

· For putting security updates on your Toshiba laptop

· Improve the performance of your Toshiba laptop

In our service center we repair handful of Laptop, Motherboard with any fault. All our laptop services are covered with minimum 3months warranty

Following are few laptop problems that we repair:

1. Motherboard Fault

2. LCD Replacement

3. No Power on

4. No Power on with battery

5. No Power on with adapter

6. Power on but no display

7. Power on but no booting

8. Power on and immediate shutdown

9. Faint Display

10. Colored Display

11. White Display

12. Display Flicker

13. Multiple Displays

14. Patch on LCD

15. Improper Shutdown

16. Keyboard or Touch pad problem.

17. Improper Restart

18. over Heating Problem

19. Adapter/Battery Problem

20. DVD-Writer Malfunction

21. Broken Hinge replacement.

22. BGA Chip Re-balling

23. USB Problem

24. Display Flickering Problem

25. VGA Cable Problem

Model families we service:

· Toshiba Satellite A Series Repair,

· Toshiba Satellite L Series Repair

· Toshiba Satellite M Series Repair

· Toshiba Satellite P Series Repair

· Toshiba Satellite S Series Repair

· Toshiba Satellite U Series Repair

· Toshiba Satellite X Series Repair

· Toshiba Portege A Series Repair

· Toshiba Portege M Series Repair

· Toshiba Portege R Series Repair

· Toshiba Portege S Series Repair

· Toshiba Portege X Series Repair

Toshiba Qosmio Series Repair

We provide the best Toshiba laptop support as per the client need: On call service - Instant ticketing system, get your Toshiba laptop working within 30 min to 4 hours. Call our toll free no 18002008674 for getting instant service. For Best reliable, quick response call to us: 95000666668